Erika Horváth Gáborovna
Designer, I draw sometimes, I collect leaves.
Contact: erika@gaborovna.com

T H E   B L O G

This blog is my visual-diary. That means pretty much everything I feel like sharing and is not or not only text. Up till now everything shared is mine, and it probably stays that way.


I do kind of have a website: gaborovna.com
And I mostly use Instagram @gaborovna, but I have a whole bunch of other accounts too here and there.

youtube * vimeo *

flickr * tumblr2 (only my stuff (only-elie))dA (only kpop) * behance society6 * instagram *

society6 * etsy (inactive for now) *

* twittertumblr(kpop (kpope11ie)) * mydramalist * pinterest * goodreads * instagram *


38 thoughts on “About

  1. liturgicletters

    Hello, my name is Fred, and im portuguese. I’ve read the “about” section, and i foudn this intro you wrote to be an easy reading…so i decided to follow your blog. Hope you dont mind.

  2. qsha

    Hello blogwalking here.. found your zelo artwork thru tumblr..
    I’m following your blog, do update more… Love to see more of your posts!!
    Have a nice day~

  3. Vanessa

    Hello, I’m an Exo’s fan.
    I very very love your fanarts, especially Chanyeol’s. And your way you take photos, it’s really… crystal.
    I like taking photos, too.
    So can we talk?

    1. bubblydiaries Post author

      thank you for liking them. im happy to hear that you like my photos too : D i like your opinion about them : ) i would be happy to talk with you. if you have a tumblr drop me a message there, its easier to talk there : ) (kpope11ie)

  4. SomeWonders

    Hi, I just stumbled upon your work and can I just say that you’re so talented 🙂 and I wish I was half as good as you are 😦 haha but it’s all good ’cause you just inspired me to do art again 🙂 thank you so much for that and for sharing all your work ^ ^

  5. Psycho Addict

    Hello, let me introduce myself. My name is Helmy, from Indonesia. I’m 15 y.o.
    I love your fanart, wallpaper, icons, almost anything I think. 🙂

    Anyway, sorry for my mussy grammar. Nice to know you 🙂

  6. XiaoLu

    Hello i’m Puja from Indonesia 😀
    Your draw is really good i like it 😀
    Nice to meet you

  7. Teresa

    Hello, I’m an Exo’s fan from Viet Nam, I really like your fanarts. I love D.O in your pictures, almost likes what I feel about him. Oh, and your way using purple in your pictures, it’s really beautiful (I like purple ^^~).
    Ah, sorry about my bad English. Have a nice day! O(∩_∩)O

  8. Qir Ren

    Hello~ i’m kiren from Indonesia 20 y.o
    OMG!!! i can’t describe how i love your fanart (Expecially D.O) from the very first time i saw it.
    btw, i’m exo fan 😀
    Nice to meet you *bow

    thanks for many pictures of exo :3
    especially do kyungsoo

    sorry if my english so bad ><"

  9. bree

    Hello, I’m Brenda Brazil~
    I saw ur drawings on tumblr and really, really loved his work, is sooo amazing :’D (especially the illustrations of EXO)
    his photographs are also so beautiful too, I’m loving ur blog! sorry to ask, but who camera/photoshop do u use? the effects of the photos are so beautiful …
    Well, congratulations for ur designs! >//<

    Sorry for my bad english ;A;

  10. Nox

    Hello again~ I’m coming again, my old username is Psycho Addict, don’t you remember? XD
    Ah, I’m not good enough in art, but I really love your fanart such as Jongin in Neverland. So beautiful and elegant I think. Two thumbs for you! 🙂

    Anyway, can I get your twitter account? I want to draw better, kekeke. Thankyou 🙂

  11. nina

    Hi, Ellie
    How lucky I am to be able to stumble upon your photo-diary blog and witnessing myself how those amazing-beyond-words sketches of Exo were made.
    You are trully a blessed soul for being granted with such talent.
    My name is Nina, I’m from Indonesia. I would like to ask for you permission to upload your Neverland series of Exo in my tumblr and looking forward to hearing from you.
    Once again, your sketches mesmerized me 🙂
    Thank you and keep drawing 🙂

    1. bubblydiaries Post author

      hi, aah, thank you so much ^ ~ ^’ im glad you are here.

      ohoh, tumblr. eeehm, i actually dont share the link on my posts.. i dont know why, i have been thinking about this why… cause it creates some misunderstanding. there are some people, like you, who find my blog first, though… the general is usually that they come in from other sources, like youtube, where i do share the tumblr link. but not here. i think i should change this habit, and share the tumblr link on my posts too.. hm.
      so they are actually already uploaded to tumblr, you dont have to do it yourself : ) you are really nice to ask it first : )
      my art blog (with all of the fanarts): http://only-elie.tumblr.com
      but .. fanarts i upload to my kpop blog first, and just reblog on this art blog: http://kpope11ie.tumblr.com/tagged/fanart

    1. bubblydiaries Post author

      thank you : )
      exo yes.
      b2uty was in the past : ) .. i have had enough of cube. they made an enemy for themselves in my person, even though i used to like b2st quite much in the past. … i used to be a cassie, and elf too, from the start i was those two : ) i like them, but i recently realised that what i have going on for exo is not even close to those two, and have never been before, even when i was “going crazy” over them. not even comparable.
      so… the conclusion, i like a lot, but im all over for exo, and i realised that : ))

      i guess you are too : P

      why you asked about b2uty? are you?

    1. bubblydiaries Post author

      thank you so much : )
      would be doing this nomination thing a bit difficult though ^ ^’ because i cant name any other blogs, since i dont really follow any, especially not here. but, im going to take the opportunity, and answer to questions later on the next week, and ask out in public : D
      thank you for liking my blog, it means a lot for me : )

    1. bubblydiaries Post author

      oh, thats a weird question : D
      im in love with Didot. … BUT! .. i could never use it in any design, even though that typeface is beyond beautiful, it never works as part of a design for me. somehow.. it just doesnt. so it remains a one-sided love. sigh~
      lately i realised i use Avenir Next or Avenir Next Condensed for everything -.-‘ im getting tired of it, but it fits things so well way too often. : D its nice, really, im just really overusing it : / .. and Adobe Caslon Pro for the classical kind of long texts, thats the other one im overusing, but i rarely have to design long texts, so i use this one a little less.
      .. i got a little too comfortable with these.
      so lately im pushing myself to use others more. as a result two more fonts came up on my “prefer to use” list: Linux Biolinum (for longer texts.its kind of classical but still isnt.. traditional with that greek classical hint in a modern kind of view : D its nice), and Fabrica (for all caps things, titles, etc). not breathless by any of them, but … they work fine.
      which is your favourite font? im curious! : D

      1. hhollens

        Thanks for this answer, so fast ! Brief ! I love a lot the calligraphy font like “Signarita Chloe” or “Jane Austen” but its so hard for me to choice a good font. The pixel or bitmap font are so cuuute ( i use a lot “ernest” for exemple ). Recently, i tested the font “TJ Evolette A” and i fell in love – Too bad it was a trial period. :s I try to do my best for the projects people ask me. Some of my clients really know what they want, but others have only small ideas. I always manage to do things like that and I know that often comes from the font that I have chosen. I love a lot your work. Sometimes, its like an inspiration. Again thank you for your reply. PS: I am a fan of your drawings. There are a few months, we spoke on tumblr. Little information last seconds.

      2. bubblydiaries Post author

        ooh, these fonts are too decorative and flashy for my taste : D … especially the calligraphy ones, i really dont like calligraphy fonts.
        i can kind of recall a username like yours on tumblr. not quite entirely sure if its this or someone else with double “h” in the name. ^ ^’ did you leave tumblr btw? : )

  12. Nicky

    Hello! I’ve been a fan of your work for a few months now and I’m always so intrigued by your beautiful drawings! I’m in college right now and the school I’m attending has one of the best art programs in the country, but I’m not majoring in art.
    I’m thinking about switching my major or double majoring, so I wanted to ask: what major did you take as a student?

    1. bubblydiaries Post author

      visual design. : )
      im still a student. i kept delaying my years, because of work or studying somewhere else, so im still stuck in uni. finishing my 3rd year.
      visual design is great. called visual communication sometimes. that is because you learn the most possible tools to create visually something. as a result you will be able to pick the best tool to use for your idea. not only drawing, or only painting, or only graphic, or only photography. whatever is the most suitable for the idea. .. also it might turn out after some time that you are better at something else than you thought in the beginning, because you never actually tried that before. you might end up at a field you didnt even expect, and it turns out you enjoy that the most.
      taking visual design gives you choice. a lot of it. i love my major and i recommend it with much enthusiasm : ) its not easy though, both physically and emotionally.

  13. ryka mae

    Hello. You’ve been my inspiration ever since I first watched your videos. You are very talented and you’re so pretty. I’m your fan 🙂 I want to have drawing skills like yours but it seems impossible ㅋㅋ I’m really excited for your next video. And may I ask who your bias is in EXO? Are there any other kpop groups that you like? I hope you can answer this. I reaalllyy loooveee youuu~ If only I could have you as my girlfriend haha jk. fighting!

    1. bubblydiaries Post author

      hello~ im glad you like what im doing : ) … heyhey, drawing is not a skill, its practice : ) practice it and you will draw like me. practice more and you will be better than i am. thats how it works. : )
      my bias are kyungsoo and luhan. ^ ^’ but all of them are precious, i think we can agree on that~ : D
      im used to be a cassie and elf. and later b2uty as well. but … things happened, things also faded, and exo bombed my existence with feelings and love i have never experienced before with any groups. not long ago i realised im only an exo fan. and keeping the memories of those other groups as something that mattered the most to me in the past. and i like to listen to shinee, vixx and bangtan sometimes, but im not a fan.
      do you like exo or any other kpop group? : )

  14. mutiabacon

    Hay Erika^^
    I’m an EXO fans, and I’m Indonesian.
    Wow, your Fanart So amazing !! I really really like your artwork.
    Mmm.. by the way, Are you an EXO Fans too ?


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