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Happy birthday Harry!
The Potter week has ended yesterday, this was an event hosted by Taryn on Instagram. I managed to keep up with it, and finished all 8 drawings.
It was quite much fun drawing them. They are all digital.
I also put them under my 100 challenge, because I have units of 8 there as well, and I spent the whole month with these, so it’s only logical. In my 100 I have one more quote and two more favourites left before I can move onto a new topic.


Day 1 – No Post On Sunday


Day 2 – Expecto Patronum!


Day 3 – Ickle Firsties


Day 4 – Animagus


Day 5 – House Pride


Day 6 – Perfect Pair


Day 7 – Fave Character


Day 8 – Happee Birthdae



sunrise under the fog

Sunrise under the fog, which looked quite spectacular.


Chen fanart.


I’m still drawing the gaborovna100 illustrations, you thought I dropped it right? Nah, they are being drawn, on Instagram I upload them occasionally, I have two more, a done and a half done, but I want to redraw them. Digitally. (But yes, other than that I’m terribly late, so I guess I’m just opening this whole thing up to … whenever I manage to finish 100.)

I have been into digital lately. Actually I have spent my last 3-4 weekends practicing digital. At a certain point I asked for some help with it, from Taryn, she became lately quite my favourite, I refresh her feed once a day hoping she has something new. She helped me a little, little but it went a long way, now I’m happy with where my digital is heading. She also suggested me to download Kyle Webster’s brushes. It costs money, but it’s so little it’s basically for free, and they are the best thing which happened to my illustration life for a year. I love these brushes, I use the gouache set. Taryn uses this too. : )
Basically I’m learning to be simple, but not too simple. It’s hard. I’m used to realism, or at least rough impatient sketches, or graphic minimalism for design, but spending 5-7-10 hours on illustrating something LOOKING SIMPLE yet good and full of details for understanding and feel, well that’s a challenge. I was trying that with my coloured pencil girls, but they were slightly stuck in the middle. I’m still stuck in the middle, but I’m trying. Trying and learning.

Taryn decided to make a Harry Potter illustration event for his birthday. It’s in the last week of July. She already released the topics for each day, and we are all working hard beforehand to have them ready by that time. I have been drawing them. One. One and a quarter. So I will have full 8 HP fanarts, which I will shamelessly include in my 100 for July.

And it kind of gave me a kick I was waiting for yeeeaaars. I wanted to reread the books for sooo long, soooo long. But I couldn’t get myself to, because I can’t reread books. It takes me a will and love to rewatch movies too, but I absolutely can’t reread the same story twice, no love, no will helps on that. But this event gave me that kick I was waiting for. It just sparked that HP mood in me, you all know what I’m talking about, that cozy witchy feel. And I felt that witch standing up in me, she came 15 years ago, and went for a terribly long sleep about 10 years ago. I don’t know, guys happened, nightclubs happened, kdrama and kpop happened, then Twilight happened (yes), she just disappeared all embarassed of me. I had my walls in my teenage room covered in all HP. I was fangirling over the books in the beginning, but then the movies started to come out, I was gathering all the articles from Day 0, all of the articles and images and posters were all over my walls. THEY WERE ORGANISED BY WALLS!! One wall for the first movie, second wall for the second movie, then LOTR started to happen and another one and I didn’t have enough walls to organise my second and third life, though I was lucky because I had structure supporting walls in that room too, so I had about 6 additional walls. Anyway, it was around the end that I went away, and when I came back the interior designer just took them all off, threw them out (like didn’t even collect them, just threw out, that made me go really mad, years of work and collection lost like that!!), and painted my walls (pink) (and that was my mum’s idea) (she said I look too gloomy sometimes this will help me to see the world in pink around me) (and to be very honest I think it did help, but it’s a really brave move to do that with a teenager’s bedroom).

But she is back, this little witch, I even drew her. She is below.
I have started rereading the books, and I was wrong all this time, they are actually just the same enjoyable for the second time. Of course it’s been 15 years, but still, and this is the first time I read them in English, I couldn’t speak English yet, and later I couldn’t change to reading the last ones in English, because we have different names in Hungarian for the characters and charms and spells and animals and plants and for everything, even Hogwarts has a different name and it was really anoying me, so I just kep reading them in Hungarian. I might or might not cried through the first 3 chapters, because of all the emotions. Tell the 11 year old me that she will reread these books at 26, on her computer, on iBook, in English, in NZ, as a designer, she would histerically laugh on you. And get really anxious. And what’s 26 anyway.



Kyungsoo, Jongdae and a bunny


Autumn is definitely here. The trees are turning into colors, chestnut season has long passed this photo was taken like 3 weeks ago, and with the last chestnuts I have found.
I’m in Christmas mood, I’m not joking. I feel like folding myself up in a cozy little corner, with my blanket, eat pumpkin soup, burn vanilla candle, use heavy buttery body-cream after shower, and listen to Christmas songs. And that’s actually exactly what I have been doing. In April. And normally I would jump head first into the festive mood, but Christmas is not coming now, and when it does it will be hot, and green, and roses and lemon will be blooming in the garden, and I will so not be in Christmas mood, and when I will be.. it will not be Christmas again.

I drew a Kyungsoo. The reference is from the time when they were about 15 metro stations away from me, and I didn’t go. I did think about them though, standing in the balcony, looking in the direction of Kowloon. I don’t regret not going, it probably was chaotic around them, a lot of girls going brainless from sexual frustration, pushing and behaving inappropriate – something I want to be exactly 15 stations away from. It’s just that I could have a chance to see their human body that time, I didn’t, but I could have.
Once they were even closer, literally next to my house, like 10 minutes away. But I didn’t know about that, only two weeks later. Then I didn’t have a choice, I did with the other one.
I wanted to draw a fanart which isn’t a magazine photo, which doesn’t have reflectors as light source, and it shows their face. This two criteria pretty much strokes out their photos up till the beginning of 2015. So I went back even further, which is when I came across these photos, and I got nostalgic. Of not going. : D BUT I MADE THE CHOICE! : D


Lately I rarely feel like drawing them to be honest. Because I feel like they don’t want to be drawn. Like they don’t care any more. They cover their entire face, they have their masks, sunglasses and even hats on, just to eliminate anything to be shown at all (except Kai. Because he is in trouble now, so he (for the first time in a year pretty much) going around showing his handsome face to remind you..) And they look super annoyed and bitter, they don’t look like they want it, or like they care about me, us, or appreciate the love they receive. First I thought they are just tired, but then this has been a stable level of mood around them for over a year. So I don’t feel like I care as much either. I do, of course, the last thing I do when I get to a new place to live is to stick up their poster, that is the frosting, the top, that’s when my home is ready. But I’m loosing the bursting love I had, to share because it’s so much I can’t handle and I want you to feel it too. I have that rarely lately, I have a soft lukewarm feel. Maybe because they look just plain annoyed in the past year, excuse me if I annoy you – kind of upset feel is what I sometimes have. It’s like when pushing down medicine on the throat of a child, an about 3 hours long convincing and hardwork to get it down, and in the end he takes it with the bitter-face-of-the-year, like he is doing me a favor for taking that medicine that he needs to survive. I’m disappointed. You don’t want my care honey, I can turn away too, we all can, just the same.


Chen and a bunny I drew before Easter. Not because of Easter, the bunny came out of the blue, but I thought the timing was great.

I wanted to draw him, from that photoshooting, but I didn’t like the hat he was wearing. So I asked my followers’ opinion on Instagram and Twitter, with what should I replace it. I got quite some ideas, some really safe, some really usual, some kind of weird ideas. In the end I went with my own idea… I did want to go with someone else’s, but .. the safe ones were too safe, the usual ones we have seen minimum a million times already, and I couldn’t find a way for the really weird ones, so .. a bunny. With a hat. With a pompom on the hat, and ears to keep the bunny’s ears warm.

I also made a speed video with it, because.. it’s been a while since I had a speed video.


Xiumin fanart


Process Film:


In my dreams you are a part of me.

Under my skin you are a part of me.

“In my dreams, you are a part of me.
Under my skin, I gave you all of me.” /Crywolf – Ribcage

Process Film:

I wanted to draw the snowflakes on Kyungsoo’s shoulder, when I sat down and drew the first strokes that was still my main intention. Only his shoulder, and everything else kind of fading. Then I drew his lips too. Because I always draw his lips. And then I really wanted to draw his eyes. And when I had the fading face I decided adding snowflakes to the shoulder would be too much. On the other hand I liked his face in this fading form so much, that I found myself drawing all of them.
I decided I’m only going to use the Sing for You photos.
Also, while drawing Crywolf’s song, the Ribcage, came on my playlist, and the part where he says “.. you are a part of me. Under my skin …”. And I knew this is going to be the concept. Which is why I named them from Part One to Nine. Because after all this time it’s official that they are a part of me. And the fans. Creeping into our life and existence. Into our dreams (I do dream often with them, so the quote is literally true). Are they part of you too?

On the print the small line on the top says: “I think I wanted you to come down – I think I wanted you to ease my pain – I swear I’m trying to forget you – But you keep running circles through my brain.” Also a part from the Ribcage lyrics. I’m glad that Crywolf let me use his lyrics, so it’s totally clean and nice. : )

Part One – Kyungsoo.

Part One - Kyungsoo.

Part Two – Baekhyun.

Part Two - Baekhyun.

Part Three – Jongin.

Part Three - Jongin.

Part Four – Chanyeol.

Part Four - Chanyeol.

Part Five – Yixing.

Part Five - Yixing.

Part Six – Chen.

Part Six - Jongdae.

Part Seven – Sehun.

Part Seven - Sehun

Part Eight – Xiumin.

Part Eight - Xiumin

And our precious leader:
Part Nine – Suho.

Part Nine - Suho


Under my skin you are a part of me.

I drew these on Canson Cartridge paper, and used my Faber-Castell pencils from 6H to 6B.


Under my skin you are a part of me WIP

video thumb:

Under my skin you are a part of me. - Video Preview



I’m really excited for EXO’s winter album, I expect some lovely ballady songs with a lot of silky Honeysoo vocals. Lately I barely hear him, he barely has lines, he barely is present. I know, I know, drama shooting, but I miss him.
Also.. the MAMA… can I just.. Okay, first of all, I’m happy for the awards, they deserved it (of course), I didn’t have any doubts about having those awards. And Jongin’s rapping (?) made me stop and wonder through the screen, something new, and I loved it. It was cute, and kind of insecure, but that’s why I loved it – Chanyeol’s aggressive rapping lately just pushes me away, I don’t like it. Jongin on the other was more like just talking to me, telling me something.. soft and nice.
But that was not why I brought MAMA up. I really don’t like what happened to MAMA this year. I didn’t want to critique it, or burst out my negativity, but in the end I decided that the creative teams might look up previous “customer reviews” next year, so I wanted to tell my opinion in hopes it will help the next year creatives. MAMA is always like the best of the best regarding performances. Whenever I see a great live performance (I mean online, but live, you understand..), and I like it, and I would like to share it maybe, I will always think that no, okay, let’s wait for the MAMA, that will throw everything in the air, flip it, glitter trice, and serve on golden plate. MAMA performances are always the best! Noooot this year. 2015 MAMA was the worst I have experienced in my humble 8 years of kpop history. I always had my expectations up, no wonder, and MAMA always met them and still made me gasp for air. Not this year.
I was trying to figure out what was the wrong with it. Obviously the lack of remixes would be one (there were some, but .. just a few, EXO too, just one, the Lightsaber, and that even was just a short intro). And then I was wondering why SM took back so much on the design, and choreo, and nothing actually happened, it was like all just way too simple. And I checked everyone else, and no one did anything at all. Why no-one cared about MAMA performance this year..? It’s like all the companies just in general didn’t give a — about MAMA. Why did this happen? I thought maybe MAMA went too far with their background, and it didn’t give place for the companies’ creatives… but no, MAMA cared, this was like the nicest background they had, Mnet was looking for this event. Maybe they made more restrictions..? I don’t know, if that’s the case then I hope it will be erased, because what happened on this year’s MAMA was just pathetic. I’m not joking, and I don’t want to sound too negative, I tried to explain it to myself, but – in light of what was to supposed to happen there – this was pathetic, on every companys’ side, whoever had this idea to go this minimal (in the meaning of not doing anything), it was a bad idea. If it’s on Mnet, then I hope they change back to normal next year. If it’s on the companies (SM, hello), then I just hope they slap themselves awake.
EXO did well though, they did what they could. But it was supposed to be the creatives’ job, and darlings, you so f-ed it up.
The hairdresser was good, especially on Jongin. I silently hope the middle parting (Chen..) will just be erased from the kpop memory, history, and I really don’t understand why it still exists.
And I really liked the makeup, honestly, girl, you did it so well.

Anyway, I really wanted this to be on the internet, honestly for future reference, I hope MAMA gets back it’s past glory.

So I drew Xiumin from the new album photos.
– Which again, looks rather bad .. I mean the photos. I like the concept, I’m okay with the white turtleneck x black sweater (though 70s and not in a good meaning), but their face.. I just literally can’t believe that you take 20 quick photos of each guy in sequence and you can’t find 5 good ones, but at least one, for heaven’s sake. I know, they are tired, I understand, to the extent I wish they could rest (I don’t wish this usually, because this is their job, no one cries for me “please have some sleep and rest”, we all do our job, day and night, happens, we make choices, we live in this world, we all work and we are all tired, boom. But they look so extremely done and tired and bitter lately, that even I wish they would just rest a bit, it’s painful to look at, I feel bad myself.) They are tired, it’s all over their face on the photos, so pushed expressions. Except Yixing, he is an angel. And Xiumin looks fine too. I drew him because I drew Yixing not long ago, and I messed up my previous Xiumin, so I wanted to make up. I don’t think I mess up any other fanart as many times as I do with Xiumin, I have more thrown out fanarts of him than I have finished ones, which I don’t understand, his face is really easy to catch, I don’t know why I can’t draw him.
Kyungsoo looks okay too, on the photos, but I suspect it’s his acting skill getting better, because otherwise he usually looks more done than anyone else.


This is a commission I drew of Bangtan’s V.


And the girl is slowly progressing. : )




Drawings from these past days.
Two kind of mixed media (added digital) and one yet-to-be-mixedmedia.


Yixing wip


And I have moved to another place too, meanwhile. The photo below is the view from my previous room, which I won’t miss, but I liked the view. : )
I’m at a temporary place right now, I will move again soon, but they are all pretty close to each other, all on the north part of Auckland.


Also, yesterday I finally had time to visit an art supply shop (my kind of disneyland), and I bought my favorite Canson papers, and I can’t wait to use them!