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drawings, these days


I felt way too tense lately to draw, and even when I tried I ruined it which made me feel even more annoyed. Except this Sehun, today I set down to draw Sehun, and it felt like the old days, when I sat calm and quiet and just drew it with light ease. It was perfect.


My first ever non-kpop portrait fanart – Jon Snow.
After my success with the Sehun fanart today I wanted to keep the ball rolling and draw something from the ones I wanted to draws these weeks. Jon Snow was not among them. But I’m so eager for the next episode tomorrow (for me tomorrow..) that I had to let out that steam. So I decided I will draw my first non-kpop fanart. It wasn’t easy, I had to correct his eyes often to make it less asian I’m not joking. This was also my first time to draw beard. And super curvy hair too, which probably was the first and the last time at once, messy curvy hair is not for my patience level.
I wanted to draw a fanart of Daenerys for a while now, but I wanted to draw her as one of my girls. And I had a half finished thought about drawing Jon Snow too as one of my girl, but as a boy, which I was curious how would turn out. Maybe next time.


From last week. First I drew him in color, but I ruined it. So I threw that out and sat down to draw the same image with graphites, much better. : ) I really like the Lucky One photos, I will probably write more about that when I receive my album, I know I won’t be able to keep my opinion to myself about the new album.


No explanation, I felt like tying an octopus into knots (I had a stressful week that week..)
I also felt the same urge with giraffes and I really wanted to braid a lion too. I will maybe draw those at other time.


And sometime .. two (?) weeks ago Instagram had this wave with #artvsartist, which I felt like doing too.
The point of it was – as probably a lot of you know this – usually the artist is in the drawings too. Even if you don’t put yourself on purpose into your drawing, it still is there, your face is the face you see every day in your whole life, it’s burnt in your head, you can’t help it, your drawings will have things from your own face. Which is a really good thing, makes your drawings part of you (as they actually really are), and makes them special, your fingerprint, part of your style. So Instagram had this thing, to put your drawings around your portrait to see the common point. And I was curious too.


Kyungsoo, Jongdae and a bunny


Autumn is definitely here. The trees are turning into colors, chestnut season has long passed this photo was taken like 3 weeks ago, and with the last chestnuts I have found.
I’m in Christmas mood, I’m not joking. I feel like folding myself up in a cozy little corner, with my blanket, eat pumpkin soup, burn vanilla candle, use heavy buttery body-cream after shower, and listen to Christmas songs. And that’s actually exactly what I have been doing. In April. And normally I would jump head first into the festive mood, but Christmas is not coming now, and when it does it will be hot, and green, and roses and lemon will be blooming in the garden, and I will so not be in Christmas mood, and when I will be.. it will not be Christmas again.

I drew a Kyungsoo. The reference is from the time when they were about 15 metro stations away from me, and I didn’t go. I did think about them though, standing in the balcony, looking in the direction of Kowloon. I don’t regret not going, it probably was chaotic around them, a lot of girls going brainless from sexual frustration, pushing and behaving inappropriate – something I want to be exactly 15 stations away from. It’s just that I could have a chance to see their human body that time, I didn’t, but I could have.
Once they were even closer, literally next to my house, like 10 minutes away. But I didn’t know about that, only two weeks later. Then I didn’t have a choice, I did with the other one.
I wanted to draw a fanart which isn’t a magazine photo, which doesn’t have reflectors as light source, and it shows their face. This two criteria pretty much strokes out their photos up till the beginning of 2015. So I went back even further, which is when I came across these photos, and I got nostalgic. Of not going. : D BUT I MADE THE CHOICE! : D


Lately I rarely feel like drawing them to be honest. Because I feel like they don’t want to be drawn. Like they don’t care any more. They cover their entire face, they have their masks, sunglasses and even hats on, just to eliminate anything to be shown at all (except Kai. Because he is in trouble now, so he (for the first time in a year pretty much) going around showing his handsome face to remind you..) And they look super annoyed and bitter, they don’t look like they want it, or like they care about me, us, or appreciate the love they receive. First I thought they are just tired, but then this has been a stable level of mood around them for over a year. So I don’t feel like I care as much either. I do, of course, the last thing I do when I get to a new place to live is to stick up their poster, that is the frosting, the top, that’s when my home is ready. But I’m loosing the bursting love I had, to share because it’s so much I can’t handle and I want you to feel it too. I have that rarely lately, I have a soft lukewarm feel. Maybe because they look just plain annoyed in the past year, excuse me if I annoy you – kind of upset feel is what I sometimes have. It’s like when pushing down medicine on the throat of a child, an about 3 hours long convincing and hardwork to get it down, and in the end he takes it with the bitter-face-of-the-year, like he is doing me a favor for taking that medicine that he needs to survive. I’m disappointed. You don’t want my care honey, I can turn away too, we all can, just the same.


Chen and a bunny I drew before Easter. Not because of Easter, the bunny came out of the blue, but I thought the timing was great.

I wanted to draw him, from that photoshooting, but I didn’t like the hat he was wearing. So I asked my followers’ opinion on Instagram and Twitter, with what should I replace it. I got quite some ideas, some really safe, some really usual, some kind of weird ideas. In the end I went with my own idea… I did want to go with someone else’s, but .. the safe ones were too safe, the usual ones we have seen minimum a million times already, and I couldn’t find a way for the really weird ones, so .. a bunny. With a hat. With a pompom on the hat, and ears to keep the bunny’s ears warm.

I also made a speed video with it, because.. it’s been a while since I had a speed video.




he looked so lovely in that scarf covering half of his face. just how much more adorable solution than covering himself under a mask. though those ridiculous masks have been fun, i wanted to draw them too, but didn’t get to it.
the interesting thing about this drawing is that i scanned it in. i never scan my drawings. i don’t even remember when i scanned them in the last time, in the last 4 years i didn’t, that’s for sure. scanning can affect the drawing in a really negative way. but I’m just soooo annoyed at the winter season, getting dark at 3pm. i woke up at 1pm, tried to get to my senses, and its already 3. i get to the level to have desire and to be able to create something at around 6pm, when it’s already pitch black all around, and can’t take a photo of it. so i scanned it in, and because of that it’s halfway to mixed media. i had to correct a lot digitally, to give back the depth it originally had. i think the outcome is nice, not different from my usual portraits, I’m surprised. but it’s a4 sized, which is really really really rare from me, and i don’t have a3 scanner, not to mention a2. this was a one of kind occasion.

while drawing i realized kyungsoo never really covered his face up like this (did he? i don’t remember this to happen). i wish he tried once. of course i could draw him with a huge scarf covering his face, but i want to see it in real. : ) … a black one, naturally. my huge scarf is black too. .. and white. and purple. red and grey too. okay, i like huge scarves, i have some. .. less than i want to have though.
I’m actually curious how he would look in white huge scarf. his black eyes, dark hair, black sweater, black jeans, white scarf, woah, that would be a hot thing.
… okay, actually I’m thinking about it that much, because tomorrow is his birthday, and last year i didn’t draw anything for his birthday, and i was thinking maybe this year i would. i mean he is my bias, like, for gods sake, at least for him. i don’t know. tomorrow i have to prepare my walls for the exam exhibition. next week is exam week. yeap.
but our honey in his cool black with a soft white huge scarf covering half of his face is still a hot picture to imagine, you can’t deny that.

Don’t Cry

Don't Cry

“After the darkness passes,

It’ll become as if it never happened.

The waves crash my heart and crumble down,

The moonbeam that brims up in your eyes,

This night that silently overflows with pain.


You’re not the one to disappear into foam, 

something you never should’ve known.


My eyes lost their way.

After the darkness passes,

It’ll become as if it never happened.


( . . . ) Cry. ” 

•  P r o c e s s   F i l m  •

* * * PRINT * * *

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•  D e s c r i p t i o n  •

my next one in exo lyrics. i cut the “baby” part from the title, cause that makes me nauseous. i hate.. hate that word, and im just going to execute in public anyone who dares to call me like that. so i censured that : P

and from the lyrics i left out the “don’t” (cry) part, because .. .. well .. there has been a lot of things said about how they say “dont cry” when even them saying this makes you cry. and not just in this fangirl way, i admit manly, when i cried i did listen to this song, and listening them saying “don’t cry” is really one of the best thing that could have happen while im crying, and if you listen enough to it, after a while it starts to work : D

and this is the perfect picture to how this song makes me feel. how he is actually the rose, how its falling into pieces in its calm way, and not falling down, but rather disappearing up to the sky. or you could say that he is being born from the rose, cause that also could be an explanation to it (the rose falling off him, and revealing him), but my original thought was that he falls into pieces. as a rose.

gave it to chen, because .. this song still goes for chen for me : ) .. i have mentioned it at his Neverland drawing, and explained there. seems like i couldnt get away from the rain either. it just makes me melancholic. both the rain and the song too.

i wont say i didnt have complications with the song.. .. i wanted to keep this “im writing the cover”. so i did again. i actually did this like about two weeks ago already (writing this cover), but it started to go to an awful direction. so i left it, then deleted it, then started to write again today. i didnt really like it when i finished. but now that im listening to it, i actually like it already. its highly based on a favourite piano song of mine. but im going to talk about this later, when i share the full song itself later in a couple of days. im saying “full song”, because this is not the full. the video ended up to be shorter than the song i wrote to it so i had to cut it. (nah, im writing them separately, in such an amateur way : D )

Don't Cry - Details

it took me pretty long to finish. i went to the details at several parts. and i love the rose, finally my rose starts to look like some “paper” instead of a realistic rose, and i can say, im happy for this. i always liked it better this way, i just couldnt really draw it like this.

i drew the picture entirely with pencil, without adding any other media. i wanted to have a background, a greyish-purple pastel+soft brush background, but i left it out in the end, i think it looks better like this, without the background. its much cleaner and crystal, and …. empty. this way. and the entire concept is kind of sad and empty.

Don't Cry - Details

•  T o o l s  •

• pencils (5h, 2h, b, 2b, 4b, 6b, 8b)

• a2

• about .. 30 hours. .. i think, i actually didnt measure, but it took really long.

Don't Cry - Details

Don't Cry - Details