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I preordered the album with express delivery, yes I really did that, even though the CD is not what I use to listen to the songs, it’s simply because I wanted to hold it in my hands as fast as I could. So it has arrived today! I bought my albums from k4town, by the way, in case you would like to buy one from a safe site, I bought all my albums from them.
I mentioned it on Instagram that I get all their albums on what I received for my fanarts. Even the express delivery. And the official ring, which I don’t really wear lately.. I’m glad I’m able to turn the money back to them!

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So my opinion. It won’t be all lovely, sorry about that, I really don’t like to be negative online, just don’t read it, I write this for SM. There needs to be all kind of customer review on the internet, I usually don’t bother write it if I don’t like something, but about EXO I care, and I hope they at least make some research about customer satisfaction and such important things, which sometimes I wonder if they do at all… Or SM’s radars are only for the screaming 12 years olds. Because other than them for the last two albums I saw all kinds of customer reviews which  SM clearly did not see. I saw some for this album too. From fans, not antis, this is from us, from those who preorder the album, and give the views no matter what, from us who care, and from these who care there is a high percentage who isn’t quite happy to see the direction of where the things go. But why would SM bother, we still preorder..

What I like about EX’ACT:

  • The design. The Creative Director. And the Lucky One photographer.
    About which I’m happy cause this is all my world, all I am, and I’m glad to see that even though I work in this, I still appreciate it quite much, it was really really really well done!
  • The packaging of the album is amazing, the editorial work is outstanding, I LOVE ALL THE WHITE!!! after all those Lucky One concept I thought it will go colorful, because it would have been reasonable, and we all know colors sell better, because white is for those who understand design, and/or have special aesthetic requirements, not for the mass, so I love everyone who still dares to go white. Dares to go white and makes it successful. Yes, white design had a great wave in the past decade, but believe it or not it is still limited down to those who follow trends, regular people still don’t get it even after all what it has gone through and has been communicated by major brands 24/7. Of course I can’t say exact numbers, but based on my experience I would say .. 10%. Less maybe. About 10% of all people who would find a pure white design nice. Luckily that’s still a huge amount of people, but it’s not even funny how many don’t get it, just don’t feel it at all. And that 10% is all under 35 years old, except some special rare snowflakes (like my dad, he goes crazy over white designs, so we can fangirl/fanboy together over white packagings and things : D ). My clients from that 90% come to me complaining it’s empty, put more pictures there, let’s write more text to fill up the space, where is the background… o__o
    We usually do every design in black and white first, because in black and white you see all the mistakes, and colors often hide mistakes, and exhaust your attention enough to not notice the design is technically shit and empty, and it says and shows nothing. Colors are great to fake it. 🙂 So when creating a logo, or layout, it should always go black and white first, and once it works in black and white, it will work with any colors, but once you see the simplicity of it, how the idea and the message delivered perfectly – you notice you don’t even need the colors, they are not needed, unnecessary. All this above goes only for the design, I hate black and white photography.
  • And the Lucky One photos are the perfect example of bold-coloured photography done right. They are perfect, all of them. When I drew that Chen fanart, and I noticed the lines are aligned on this sweater (he holds his hands up, and he holds them up in the position that the lines on his arms get aligned), that threw me off, those photos are sooooo perfectly done.
  • The posters are amazing. The fangirl inside me was slightly disappointed that we don’t have a group photo, but my other parts love it, it’s clean, it’s designish, it has information and feel about each member (with those keywords). The layout and the idea is already great enough that it would have worked with white background too, but this is the example when it would have looked just as amazing in white, so it would work with any chosen color now – and it looks interesting with that yellow. I maaaaybe would have tried the keywords with full lower case, they seem off now.. too official. And maybe the names too, I would have put lowercase with the same bold weight… But wait, what’s this font?! ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME?! Did you really just use Adobe Caslon Pro for one of the worlds’ no1 group’s 2016 comeback?!?! And get away with it!! (Gosh, I’m going to laugh on this for a week.)
  • I love the matt paper, though it got a little dirty about 15 mins after I opened the album. And it had a dirt inside, I don’t know what happened, looks quite weird, it’s not a print problem, but I had a quite dirty spot in the middle of the photobook. It looks like glue stain..? In the middle of the book. Glue. What happened there?
  • I like the logo history they showed on the album and poster.
  • I like the Lucky One logo, it’s quite simple and perfect, great idea.
  • I love the e)(o logo too, it’s so great, empty, but the designer in me feels really good looking at it.
  • I think I like the Monster song. Kind of. Probably. Yes.
  • I like their face expressions in the MV-s.
  • The Lucky One MV’s free fun. I was laughing on it. I didn’t like it in the first 20 seconds, that’s how long it took me to realize this is for fun and not serious, and then I just really liked it, I laughed. Except on Yixing’s face, because that looked really cool.
  • I loved the throwback to MAMA.
  • I like the Monster MV setting (the hangar – it looks sterile without any distraction with that natural backlight it is just naturally real and nice), the DoP’s work there (vm?), and I didn’t think I would say I like this, but after these days I realized I actually like that it’s all in dark and you can barely see the faces. In the MV-s where I see their faces I would usually focus on my bias, and it takes me months to notice “oh, the other members are here too, how nice”. In dark I can only assume where is honey because of his height (sorry dear), and usually I see the picture overall, their moves, and everything together, not only faces.
  • Their hair and clothes in the Monster MV.
  • Jongdae. Just Jongdae.

What I don’t like about EX’ACT:
(this is where it’s time to close my blog if you are not from SM, you don’t have to see this – and if you are from SM please relay a message to Mr Only Cheap Things Director: “screw you, just screw you”, thank you)

  • The lack of concept. EXO usually have a better than average concepts, even compared to other SM artists .. now this time it’s worse than average, even compared to other SM artists. And because the Creative Director did such a great job with the design I suspect this isn’t his/her (his, right? this angers me again) (edit: her, Min Heejin – this just earned back my trust in humanity for the upcoming couple of minutes) fault, this probably came from the ever-so-creative-and-I-tell-you-what-you-should-do-can-it-be-a-puppy-in-the-sunset-with-glitter-rainbow-I-want-it-to-pop Marketing Director. Or whoever decided to tell the CD what to do this time. Well, dear, your idea was awful, just letting you know, I hope you understand you ruined it.
  • Because the concept is not rounded out enough I think it’s totally unnecessary to have these two absolutely empty and uncompleted two lines: Monster and Lucky One. With their own respective logos. Supported by their third (EX’ACT pentagon) and fourth ( e)(o ) new logo for their album.
  • Why are we having 4 logos here, I really don’t get it. This is a minus point for the CD.
  • I don’t like that their entire photobook is in Korean. When.. again, I wouldn’t want to guess, they probably have perfectly fine stats, but how much of your whole sells go to Korea? 35%? 40%? Would it be really hard to have an official English translation there everywhere? Honestly I wouldn’t whine about it if I didn’t open the photobook, and saw that everything is in character, EXCEPT “it’s prohibited to blablablah” on every 5th page. So when SM protects itself they can speak English really fast, but when it comes to considering other humans they suddenly forget and go kimchi. And because I couldn’t read anything else to me the whole book is about “you are not allowed to do this, you are not allowed to do that”. I was not planning to go out and start to sell this album, but I just got scolded for buying something from you, and I have a bad taste in my mouth, thanks. You either forget to consider writing in English overall, or do it everywhere, but this super selfish selective way of doing it is not right, it’s what negative people do. Ah, yes, we are a Korean band, why would we care.. sure, you could just forget your American tours too, why, you only have Korean fans don’t you? So when it’s about that you get super international? This was that threw me off and made me angry.
  • I don’t like the songs. I was slightly disappointed in Monster and Lucky One, but I grew to like them now (because I see them singing it, I like those because of the members, not because they are good songs). I’m trying really hard to push the other songs down my throat, I try to imagine the members when singing the lines I hear and make me like it because of them. But I actually have to force myself to like it, and that doesn’t make me happy. You know, when XOXO came out I locked myself in my room, laid down in the bed with closed eyes, and listened to the whole album twice without moving, trembling, and crying. That’s how much I loved it. This feels as far as Jupiter right now. When the EXODUS teasers dropped I had to hold myself back to not share them all over Facebook, because I’m the only one who likes EXO among my friends there, and I didn’t want to fangirl to an empty room and some of my friends years before kept complaining about my kpop songs and stuff, no one cares about them. So I really had to hold myself back to not share it everywhere like “look at these guys, look how cool omg, and the clips are so great, I’M NOT PREPARED” – nothing like that happened here. I had about zero desire to share it anywhere. I had this desire to share the album packaging, the photos above here, I was considering to share 3 of them on Instagram instead of one, but I pushed it down and hold myself back. I will take the album to work tomorrow and show it to the other designers. But that’s all. Nor the album or the MV-s had any close affect. The songs except Monster sound like SHINee’s songs. I swear I can even hear Taemin’s voice. And because we are talking about SM my conspiracy theories kicked in, and my conclusion about the album was that they drag out the good songs to several albums now that they breaking records with preorders, they don’t care what’s on the album any longer. One good song is more than enough for an album, huh, the rest is to fill up the white space. I hate SM, I hate the songs. And I’m so angry that I can’t listen to honeys, because SM decided to go cheap with the songs. You know SM, I want you to drown in your money, push it down your throat and choke on it. And considering I have been standing up in protection of SM after the chinese bastards left (and if this offends you then read the comments below, and if it still does then please help yourself and find the unfollow button, and get the hell away from me), because SM and its’ professionals are amazing and they brought wonders to reality, but I really don’t like that SM got rid of them and is saving up on those professionals in the past 2 years. Without them you are nothing. I hope you soon get to the stage where you see it in your beloved bank account that you can not longer ass that balloon, and finally get back that content.
  • That gets me to the choreography. I hate the choreography, I can’t even express how much I hate it. Now saving up on the choreographers? It’s totally empty! Move to the right, step to the left, now arms up, and to the side, because that looks super manly, oh yeah so hot. O_O All I see in that choreo is stressed bodies moving moving to defined positions, pointless, it’s so empty I wonder if it even echoes. Gosh, just ask Jongin-Yixing pair to create the choreo if you don’t want to pay Testa again, I’m about 87% sure even that will turn out better than these C category choreographers. And while you are at it just use Yixing’s songs. I heard he had hundreds of songs (lost, I know, but he said he wrote new ones), where are they, why are they not on the album, I extremely doubt they were worse than these featured ones so tell me your excuse I’m curious. The angel he is he would give it to you in return for a hot chocolate, that would be real cheap, that’s what you like SM don’t you? Saving up for another mansion? I dealt with it in the past albums, and hoped this is going to be the album where SM gets its’ shit back together again, but this just keeps getting worse. I’m angry, I’m so angry.
  • On a much lighter note: I don’t really like the piercings. That’s just personal, an individual opinion. I like piercings, I would have my own too if I could deal with pain, but a piercing is the last thing I would like to see on a guy, I’m just getting old probably. But the fanbase is younger than me, so that’s okay, it’s just me.
  • Still on the piercings – I’m not sure why a piercing makes someone a monster.
  • And while we are on the monsters visual representation topic, it could have been done so much more interesting than this. This was really boring.
  • Burning car? Beating? Bruised faces? So original.


So overall no, I didn’t like this album. And I love EXO, and because of that I’m just even more angry, because I still pay for it because of them, for them, but after this album I sat there thinking I might not preorder it the next time, you know what preorder means? It’s trust. And you just lost it SM. Fuck this, get yourself and your values together. Keep your print designers and the members, but I suggest you to completely cut down everyone else, this was awful, really low. … Really low.
And who should I lay to get Testa back for gods sake, this is painful to look at.

And since I’m into complaining .. can we just have less tours? I’m annoyed that I can’t see honeys, because they were touring for so long, I don’t even understand, does that milk a lot? Do we all know the term of keeping the fire alive? Yes? Now think about that, homework. And for plus point you could research the topic about the positive affects of keeping your employees happy, satisfied, and well rested. It involves numbers, that might trigger your interest, I know.


2015 – 2016

File 2015. 12. 31. 21 43 15

20122013, 2014


This year was an internet-social lay back from my side, I feel that.
Hence I can’t really share much statistics because I have no idea about them. Also, I feel I didn’t draw that much this year. Not that I actually have been drawing much in other years, but probably more than I did this year. Which faces me the most times, when I share something on the internet, and receive comments of “you are back!”, while I think I was always here..
Anyway, that will change next year! No, really.

A little less official statistics, because I can’t really count them altogether now, from all the different platforms, but a little something:
My most liked Instagram post popped onto the first place just couple of days ago, one of my most recent EXO drawings: Part Three – Jongin, with 1,200 likes as of today.
Part Three - Jongin.

Somewhere along the year I reached 10 000 followers on Youtube. According to Youtube my most watched video this year was Peach Blossom (Chanyeol), but I honestly fell back in Youtube productivity this year, I shared only couple of vids, so I’m disappointed with myself.
Interesting fact: the composer whose music I used in that video – I met him not long ago, he is also in NZ, and we started to talk earlier because of my video. It was lovely, he is lovely, and I’m happy he liked my drawing and felt his music is going well with the drawing. : )

My most shared on Twitter was the following, with 1.8K retweets:Untitled

Picking out one from the purchases is difficult, because this year there was a big diversity, there is no clear winner here. I picked the 4 most popular ones, they were really head to head: Breath In iPhone Case, Lullaby Art Print, Sillage Art Print, and Allegretto DKS Tote Bag.


I had two plans for 2015. One to grow out my bangs, on which I succeeded, as the attached selfie shows on the top, I even had to cut it back once already. I’m happy, but I really – really really – miss my bangs. I will cut them back one day, I’m sure about that. But for now I will still try to live with my forehead shining over everyone.
The other plan – to make more projects absolutely failed. I didn’t even start. That’s so pathetic. I got carried away in work and my diploma work, and it was way too open “a project every month”, I need more exact plan to actually do something. And a prize at the end.

However, this year was better than the previous one. I got quite some lucky turns, pure luck, unexpected things helping me. My diploma project was successful, I received my diploma finally, and after 19 years of studies, let’s add kindergarten too, so overall 22 years of waking up early, socialize, work and prove, and not getting paid for it at all – it ended this year. Done. And I’m officially an owner of a BA of Applied Arts in Graphic Design and Visual Communication. Yess.

After that I packed up and left Europe, flying across the world, to the exactly opposite side, to New Zealand. Froze to the bones, worked in film productions, and … still unemployed. I got through to quite some interviews, but the moment they heard I need to apply for a working visa all the doors are getting shut in front of me. Directly, they don’t even deny it, asking “Do you have a visa?” “Oh, I just need a job offer for that, it’s not a complicated process.” “Oh my god, good that I asked, no, we are not doing those kind of things. Thank you for your time, there is no need to come again.” — I’m not joking, this is exactly what I got in different version, people saying directly to me that I’m more qualified and experienced, have more skills and those skills are on higher level than the other applicants (I’m honestly not making this up, they told this to me, out loud, these words) YET all I get are no-s, because of the visa. So yes, I’m kind of frustrated, and really unemployed. But I hope for the best. I got my visa extended, I’m still here. Christmas was the hardest time, I honestly was inches away from changing my ticket, sit on a plane, and go back to Europe, the hell am I looking for here, obviously no one wants me to be here. But got myself together. Even my great grandma appeared in my dreams yesterday saying to me that “I know it’s hard, but keep it up, you have to be in New Zealand, you have to stay there.” Yes, okay, this was quite shocking for me too from a long dead old lady. But I guess I should listen to her. And hope to reach everything I wanted to in a short period of time.

My favorite artist to listen to was Oh Wonder, that one I know for sure, I listened to them really a lot this year. If you haven’t heard them yet, you should check them out, really nice. I liked their intro project too – they were sharing a new song on the first day of every month and after a year they published the whole album, I was waiting for every month’s first day to hear the new song!
My favorite is .. all of them, but I really like Heart Hope. I have been listening to it a lot, I guess we all need a little heart hope, easy to relate.

Favourite .. nail polish? I loved MaxFactor’s Prussian Blue a lot. If you google it then it looks more like OPI’s Amazon..Amazoff on the pictures, but I have both, and I don’t like the OPI version, while the MaxFactor color looks amazing. I didn’t bring it here with myself (because I came to spring and summer, so I brought some more light and lovely colors), I still have a photo of it in my phone, but on this it looks much darker than it actually is. So imagine a middle way. It’s really nice though, quite dark but not black, it has a hint of the dark north sea, greenish but still blue . Yes, probably my favorite of 2015.

File 2015. 12. 31. 15 32 13

I didn’t have a favorite game App this year, nothing could top last year’s Monument Valley. But the most used App for me was Sleep Cycle!
I was quite sceptic about this app before I actually started to use. I have been using it every night, overall 333 nights, and I will continue to use it. File 2015. 12. 31. 16 34 41Ever since I have been waking up with this app mornings are much easier and better for me, like not even comparable to the previous alarms. I’m the kind of person who pretty much freaks out from an alarm, I wake up to even a buzz, I don’t even need the sound, vibration is enough, I can feel my phone moving next to my head, and I don’t just wake up, I freak out. Every – single – morning. I’m also super prone to headaches, I get a headache from everything, even from freaking out, so one thing I’m really happy for, is that thanks to Sleep Cycle I have my headache days and painkiller consumption reduced by minimum 70%. And waking up without a smaller hea
rt attack makes my day so much better too. Also, thanks to the App, I can see the patterns in my sleep, and what affects it, so I can improve my sleep more. Overall now I know that I go to sleep usually at 0.30am, and sleep average 9 hours (yes, I need that sleep or I’m totally useless), sleep the worst on Sunday and Monday, sleep bad if it’s a sunny day, and definitely shouldn’t watch TV series before sleeping, instead I should move to reading a book before sleeping, because that improves my sleep by 9% (which to be honest isn’t much). And I sleep much worse in New Zealand. In Europe I had usually 85-95% nights, 100% even. Here I’m happy if it reaches 65%, and managed to gather some really bad 10-20% nights too.

I didn’t really watch dramas this year, I did watch some TV Series, catching up with most, like Suits, Girls. And Criminal Minds. I like crime series, but this year Criminal Minds is really standing out from the others for me. I think I like crime series because the bad gets caught, the process of hunting down a rotten person who damages other people, and catching them in the end – I wish I could fight the devil too, and protect the good and peace.

Okay, let’s move to 2016.


My plan for 2016 to actually have things to share on my end-year post.

And I have a project, again, but this time I made a detailed plan, and my prize at the end is a nail polish. Which was the only thing I could think up, I’m addicted to nail polishes, I know, and I usually buy them just because I have a bad mood, or for no actual reason. I have almost a hundred of them at home. I didn’t bring them here, though I have been buying them here already (I’m almost 100% sure the OPI has different ingredients here, I don’t like OPI, but here it’s especially awful!). Anyway, this was the only thing I could think up to get if I accomplish the parts of the project, which isn’t nice, because I buy these for no reason, and now I don’t get to buy them, until I finish the project, which is more like a punishment instead of prize.

Project: 100 illustrations.
It’s a 12 month project. Illustrations.
I want to draw more, and I want to draw more nonfanart. So these months will not be fanarts (or at least not the way you would expect from me).
Each month is a topic, and I have to draw minimum 8 drawings per month on that topic (2 / week), and plus 4 somewhere : D
There still might be changes later to this list, but currently these are the 12 topics I’m going to draw:

January: Characters (non kpop fanarts)
February: Things I like
March: Quotes
April: Legends
May: Colors
June: Places
July: Garden
August: Fairytales
September: ?
October: Tarot Cards
November: ?
December: Christmas

Starting from January, but first I will finish the short series I started with EXO.

Talking about EXO. I have an EXO series coming up in 2016.
No, not this fading one. I already have it forming in my head. I was thinking about drawing it in colors, but actually black and white fits the topic more. I’m a little worried about it, it’s a creepy series, but not in a too creepy way, because I wouldn’t want to see them suffering too much either (I really don’t like beaten up fanarts, or fanarts with blood, violent, I don’t really understand what kind of “fanart” is that…  no, it’s not that kind), so it’s more on the surreal side, but with most of my ideas I’m like “no, that’s too much, let’s take couple of steps back”. This is why it’s still under development. But it’s coming! I don’t have a prize at the end of this, so I’m trying to push myself to actually do it, I will do my best with it, I promise.


So in 2016 my pencils will be my best friends. And YouTube and Etsy. And Instagram.
I hope the Monkey will be favorable for us all. I wish all the best for everyone this year, get a little crazy in 2016, in a good way, monkeys are like that. And don’t forget to wear something red today. I know the monkey comes a little later, but an early good impression doesn’t hurt. Happy New Year!

EXO – Sing For You


The post brought me the EXO Christmas CD, and the official ring too. Both presents to myself from my dear self for Christmas. I took some photos of them. I like the photos in the album.. I didn’t like the first promotional photos that came out about the album, but in the end, the photos in the photobook are quite nice.
The ring is nice too, I got the size 9. I thought it will be big (my fingers are thin and boney), but it’s actually just right to my middle finger – though I would prefer it on my index finger, but it’s a little small to that. I got the matte black one. It has arrived yesterday, I was wearing since then (two showers and two pots of planting) and it already has scratches and the edges start to look metallic, the paint is getting off. From only one day. I’m slightly disappointed, but to be honest expected, matte paint is sensitive. Not in less than 24 hours though. I guess it will look really grunge in couple of weeks. But I like the design. I like how it doesn’t look too obvious, just form-design, no one knows except us, but if I see it on someone I will recognize it instantly and feel the common point, that we both are part of the same family.
I also got that weird necklace in the pack out of the blue, I had no idea what’s that. I mean if you turn it looks like an (EXO-)L, but I don’t know, I don’t really like it. Then I checked on the internet and it turns out Zitao was wearing this thing, so I guess now they are giving it away fast. This makes me like this necklace even less. It’s hanging on my desk lamp, I might put it away though, I look down on Zitao and his actions, I don’t need anything that looks like the thing he was wearing to poison my air here and bring bad luck.











my 2014, and 2015 plans



I know everyone hated this year, I’ve only seen people complaining about it (but then again, they always complain about every possible thing). For me it was fine. I’m not saying it was amazing and couldn’t have been better, but it was far better than the past 3 years. The horse have been good to me : ) Maybe only to me, but thats the minimum, since it’s my year. : D

In the first half of the year I have worked non-stop, in the second half I did exactly the opposite, basically not at all.
I have worked a lot until the middle of summer, until I have left Y&R. After that it took me couple of months to revaluate my life and choices. I still couldn’t bring myself to write a blogpost about working there. After I left that company I have left the city with it. I came back home to my family, and stayed here. I was only attending school, and was traveling to the city to go to my classes, from here, from home, every day. I had only one branding project to work on beside school, and draw sometimes. I have never opened my computer to work after 5pm, no more working till morning, injecting energy drink directly into blood circulation, not touching any work on weekend. Not because I have put up these principles, but because I didn’t want to. I was living like that before because I loved it, you couldn’t have recommended me a better program on weekend than shooting something, you couldn’t have given me a better program for the night than working on something, I have loved it. But being at one of my dream company, to see what I was working so much for all this time, and to realize how really far it is from what I want, and how much I hate it .. it really threw me off my track. So that’s why I stopped working so much, I didn’t find what to work for, or what direction should I push myself to. When I know what I want I will scratch myself through walls with my nails until I get there, but loosing my direction made me stop, sit down in the corner and wait for something to happen, while crying over my broken nails I have from the scratching all these years.
Took me months to find my new way.
I still count this as a good year, because after all, let’s not forget, that I actually did manage to get in to one of my dream company this year, to the top advertising agency, as the only summer intern from the country. That’s something I can be proud about. I can cry over it, but that’s still the best thing that happened to me after all these school years. And I did have a lot of work to do until I was willing to. And though the realization was painful, and caught me off guard, but it should have happened sooner or later, and I’m happy I’m over it. Here I am with a brand new yet-empty canvas, I can do with it whatever I want, and I have spent the past months to find what is that again, what I want.

> d e s i g n
I have realized for example that I hate graphic design. A lovely realization after 6 years, right before receiving my diploma on graphic design. Since I still had to do graphic design like it or not I have given less care to it, I worried less about it, and that made me let to loose my head about it, made me more experimenting, and as a result I ended up with an entirely new graphic style I didn’t have before. I didn’t really share graphics on my blog in the past months so you don’t know, but all of them became photography based for example. I have left the digital boundaries and started to use a lot from the reality, found my way back to photography, which I have left about 4 years ago. Graphics smell a lot like plastics, lifeless, digital, artificial, that’s what I hate about them. I took that away, put life behind them. I have finally started to like my graphic works, I could stand up behind them. That was missing from before (also a realization of the year).

> a r t
I drew much less this year than I did before. My style didn’t change. My big illustrations started to take longer and longer to finish, I like more and more to get lost in the – unnecessary – details. While my small portraits show exactly the opposite, and start to take less and less time to finish. (My last Chen drawing was one and a half hour)
I had a really strong desire to draw non-fanart stuff this year, but they failed continuously, until I stopped trying at all. At the end of the year I was determined to paint, nature themed, expressive styled, acrylic and oil. But I didn’t get to start it after all. I blame it on the dark. After the sun sets down I loose my mood to do anything, and right now it means it happens at 3pm, and because of the holiday I wake up at noon or later, so I have time to finish my breakfast in light, and that’s all. I love winters, but god save me from this depressive darkness.

This year Burn Alone received the most attention on the internet out of my arts.
Burn Alone (Tao)

But to my much surprise Allegretto DKS also received a lot of good words, attention, and was trending in sales. I was surprised because it’s really out of my usual style of art I think, and I was doubting that the same person who likes the Burn Alone kind of art will like this kind of art too. And though it did happen at first, but then it actually brought me a lot of new viewers, and by the sale statistics I see that, after all, a lot of people can like both styles. Or maybe they are not that far apart from each other as I think.

Allegretto DKS

As for the videos, my most viewed in 2014 was still the Luhan fanart from the Neverland series. But the most viewed and made in 2014 was Between Two Points.

> f a v o u r i t e s
my most listened song this year was: Fox Stevenson – Endless
I still can’t stop listening it, I don’t know what is so addictive about it.

And no kpop song could get into my top5 listened songs this year, which probably happened the first time in like 8 years.
And Winner’s Confession was the only one to get into at least the top10, but I understand that, I love that song, such a beauty.

Képernyőfotó 2014-12-30 - 16.42.15

In overall stats (2010-2014) still EXO – Black Pearl leads, and SHINee follows up. No change on this part.

Képernyőfotó 2014-12-30 - 16.42.49

And in overall artists the order didn’t quite change either, EXO, SHINee, and U-KISS are leading my iTunes.

Képernyőfotó 2014-12-31 - 13.28.31

My favorite nail color to use this year was Sally Hansen – Café au Lait (mostly because it stays on my nails for a week, while everything else starts to chip after 3 hours and that’s not a joke)


My favorite lipstick this year was MAC – Creme in your Coffee.

MCF320 MCF320-2

While I’m afraid the most used was still the Guerlain – Girly. Habits die slow.


Talking about habits. My favorite perfume didn’t change: Chanel Chance for cold seasons, Chanel Mademoiselle for warm seasons. Exactly like in the past 10 years.

_DSC9149 b

My favorite app this year was the Monument Valley, without doubt. I have replayed it several times, and not because of the puzzles. I looooooove the design, the world, the animation, the ghost, the story. I love how this game is enjoyable, and isn’t annoying or stressing, in contrary to the 99% of the games (Candy Saga, rings some bells, do you know how many times did I want to throw my phone at the wall? That’s not why I play a game, I can be stressed without a game too.)
I want more of this kind of apps, all of them should be and look like this.

> d r a m a
I didn’t watch dramas this year at all, so I can’t choose a favorite one. I have – almost – finished My Love From Another Star, but other than that nothing. None at all. It’s sad.
I have watched several trashy crime series I love really much, but I haven’t watched this much of them since high school. CSI, Criminal Minds, Mentalist, Bones, Fringe, Perception. I’m watching Fringe right now.

> b o o k s
So this year I challenged myself to 50 books. No, I couldn’t reach it, for not much of my surprise, but I ended up with a worse result than I expected. I have finished 20 books this year. None of them in the past 3 months, because though I tried to read about 10 books during this time, but I left every single of them after the first chapters. It’s really difficult to read 50 books when you have months when you get sick of any book.
My favorite was the Angelfall series (Penryn and The End of the Days series, but this title sounds lame and too long). Quoted from my review:
Angelfall and World After. Wow. This series is one of my love from this year. This series was my first angel themed book, and I suspect this series is also one of the best from this themed books overall. It was really good. The book is about the apocalypse. When God sends down his legion of angels to kill every human on the face of our Earth. The story starts weeks into this event. Sexy angels, with adonis figures, proud, majestic, well-mannered, high-class, with kick-ass martial skills, dangerous, merciless and killing everyone. Are you kidding me, I want more of this kind of stories! I ate those two books in no time, and I can’t wait the ending to come out in May.
Angels literally became the coolest thing ever.
Vampires and werewolves, tsch, no. Angels.”


> o t h e r
I have refreshed my sewing skill this year. I made several clothes, my favorite is the first one I made, a floral printed lousy pants for the summer.
This pants have an additional back story beside looking totally awesome. After my grandma died we were packing out her stuff from her apartment, and she used to do a lot of stuff by hands (probably because she grew up in a family which couldn’t afford buying stuff, so they made their own), and we found this material among her stuff. I can kind of recall this material, I think I was playing with it and my dolls when I was a kid. My grandma didn’t have an easy personality, everyone says I’m like her, my personality too, but I look like her when she was young too, and my fingers are typically as hers, my nose, I hold my body and hands the same way she always did, etc. This is the only material I have from her, and I was a little afraid to make this from it, especially if I ruin it or something. But I didn’t, it looks absolutely gorgeous, one of my favorite clothes from my wardrobe, and she chose it.

_DSC9200 b
I have been learning french too, in the summer. Though I need to continue that in 2015 summer to be able to take the exam. I need it for my diploma.

We had Tiger joining our family in the summer. She slowly became a close family member. We had cats before, a lot of them, they come and leave, cars hit them, disappear, what not. So we had cats over the time. But none of them was this loving and affectionate as Tiger. She is getting fat.
Talking about fat – I gained some weight this year, wow. I wasn’t like this since the age of 17, when I was really .. … wide. Compared to my original self, and average look, of course, and since I’m thin and boney 5 plus out of usual does gets visible. Moving back to my family, taking train every day instead of walking, and eating my mum’s delicious dinner after living on a sandwich whole day, yea. I’m not on a level to be worried yet, even aesthetically, just .. it’s a thing about 2014. I should find my way back to the running machine. I love the running machine by the way. But I love drinking another cup of tea and check Tumblr even more.

> In two weeks we are going to be having our end-semester exam and exhibition, then I have to hand in my diploma plan, in February we start our final semester (and I also get 25, oh jeez, quarter hundred, god save me, I’m already coloring my grey hair, they are everywhere!), in March we finish the semester, and we start to work on our diploma work. In the end of April we already have our end-year exam and then diploma exam, and in the middle of June the other diploma exam and then diploma exhibition. That’s all I see from 2015 yet, my mind is running circles only around the diploma work in the past two months. And I love it. For diploma work of course we get to choose something that interests us, and I chose something I would be happy to work on in the future. I chose something I already had in my mind, and I decided to have two in one, so this is also going to be my diploma work. This concept have been slowly shaping in my head for almost two years now, so it’s really thought through, and I really care about it and feel it has a lot of strength, I’m just really afraid if I will be able to get it out or not. That is what matters to me for 2015.
> Also, with the New Year my Commission opens as well. I’m curious to see where that gets too.
> Increasing my online activity failed for 2014. I don’t plan to promise being active for 2015. I probably won’t, because of all these exams, and what not.
> I’m leaving the books too for this year. But since I would feel I’m running away from challenges and blaming exam for everything I’m taking up an art one.

> My 2015 Art Challenge: I want to finish one personal art project per month. Free tool, anything, anyhow. I have so many personal project ideas that I never actually get to do, because I always find something more important than these, but this year I’m planning to give them priority. After all, what else matters, really, I don’t even know what I was thinking by putting these to the side.

> I’m also planning to grow out my bangs. Ha.
This year I was planning to grow out my hair, but in spring I ran to the hairstylist. No more like that. Now I want to get away from my bangs. I had bangs basically in my whole life. I have a big forehead, at least that’s how I feel, and whenever they are out open I can see nothing else than my ugly huge forehead. And the fact that everyone notices it when I show doesn’t help. They notice it because they never see it, and it’s just so out of usual, and people don’t like things out of usual, and I understand that girls with bangs look cooler and more mystical and playful in the same time and overall noticeable, which is an interesting and kind of sexy combination, but all this is directed against my poor not-so-little forehead. I want to grow my bangs out for long, but I always change my mind and cut it in the end. It got to the level when the first thing I see on any human being is the length of their forehead. And after all my observation I see that girls and woman with bigger than regular forehead do have the same life as the others, and they don’t seem to notice there is something wrong with their forehead which must be hid under a curtain of hair. Of course ladies with lighter or blond hair have it easier, visually it all blurs together with their skin, while our dark hair intensifies and puts into spotlight everything, and that everything has a more dramatic effect than we would want them to have. But I have the impression that I’m the only one all around who is bothered by it. So I decided I’m going to really really push my willpower this year, and see if the world really will just go blind or survives if I – after all – show my forehead.

_DSC9209 b

I wish everyone an awesome triple-glittered 2015!

2014 booklist

1-10 review
– Amie Kaufman: These Broken Stars – 4*

– Yangsze Choo: The Ghost Bride – 5*

– Rainbow Rowell: Eleanor and Park – 4*

– Veronica Roth: Divergent – 5*

– Veronica Roth: Insurgent – 5*

– Veronica Roth: Allegiant – 4*

– Mindy Kaling: Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? – 1*

– Neil Gaiman: The Ocean at the End of the Lane – 4*

– John Green: The Fault in Our Stars – 2*

– Holly Black: The Coldest Girl in Coldtown – 5*

11-15 review
– David Sedaris: Let’s Explore Diabetes with Owls – 4*

– Ernest Hemingway: The Old Man and the Sea – 3*

– Charlotte Bronte: Jane Eyre – 5*

– Chip Kidd: The Cheese Monkeys – 3*

– Lisa See: Snow Flower and the Secret Fan – 5*

Cassandra Rose Clarke: The Mad Scientist’s Daughter — 3*

Janet Evanovich: One for the Money — 5*

Susan Ee: Angelfall — 5*

Susan Ee: World After — 5*

Liane Moriarty: Big Little Lies — 4*

I started to read The Mad Scientist’s Daughter based on a friend’s recommendation who reads hundreds of books, and she has recommended several good books to me already. Well, this wasn’t one of them. I’m surprised I have finished it. The reason why I still gave a fine rating to it because 1: I have still finished it, so it’s probably not that bad, several other books didn’t make this far; 2: I loved the way the writer painted the scenes, it was living in front of my eyes, such beautiful pictures with 3 words, 3 perfectly found words. Reading her writing was like watching a Final Fantasy scene. Incredibly beautiful. I didn’t like the story though. No, actually, I really hated the story. The fact that the main character found her enlightenment about love and life after a good orgasm tells everything about the book. Jupiter isn’t as far from me as this book with its values.

One for the Money, haha. : D I was watching the movie in front of the TV, joined a little after the start, and I was watching the movie and thinking “I’m so sure this is a book originally”. So at the next commercial break I turned it off and googled, and voilá, it is based on a book. I started reading it right at that moment, and finished it up pretty quickly. A light (“trashy” I could say) book, I have finished it and enjoyed, and the reason why it got its fifth star from me because I was laughing at several points while reading it. It made me laugh!

Angelfall and World After. Wow. This series is one of my love from this year. I chose it as my favorite from the year in my year summary, which I will share tomorrow. This series was my first angel themed book, and I suspect this series is also one of the best from this themed books overall. It was really good. The book is about the apocalypse. When God sends down his legion of angels to kill every human on the face of our Earth. The story starts weeks into this event. Sexy angels, with adonis figures, proud, majestic, well-mannered, high-class, with kick-ass martial skills, dangerous, merciless and killing everyone. Are you kidding me, I want more of this kind of stories! I ate those two books in no time, and I can’t wait the ending to come out in May.
Angels literally became the coolest thing ever.
Vampires and werewolves, tsch, no. Angels.

I don’t even know why did I start reading Big Little Lies. I probably liked the cover. : D I’m glad I started it though, because I liked it. And it also ended up to be a highly rated book of the year. I liked how the story wasn’t about love in the way it is in the books usually. It was more about friendship. And the lives of housewives, a world that’s really far from me and I don’t fancy it at all, so I’m surprised how I still liked the book. I’m, to be honest, fed up with books whose main character is a 16 years old selfish idiot, I intentionally was looking for books whose main character is at least over 20. But obviously if you are over 20 then you minimum have a child, and probably an ex-husband, so it’s pretty hard to find a story I can feel myself fitting into. Big Little Lies didn’t cure this problem, but I didn’t expect it to. Was entertaining though. There could have been thousands of other options to spend my time worse.

I have dropped several books during the year. Especially in the past 3 months. I didn’t manage to finish any book in the past 3 months. I tried, but dropped them after the first couple of chapters, or even pages. It’s probably I’m having the wrong mood (though for 3 months?), and not the fault of the books.
Dropped books were for example:
Carlos Ruiz Zafón: The Shadow of the Wind; Rainbow Rowell: Fangirl; Mark Helprin: Winter’s Tale; Sarah Addison Allen: Lost Lake; Jennifer McMahon: Winter People; Katie Heaney: Never Have I Ever; Maggie Stiefvater: Shiver; Zoe Sugg: Online Girl, etc.

So out of my 50 books challenge I have managed to finish only 20. I knew 50 is a little too strong for me, but I certainly expected I will be closer to it than I actually am in the end. But I did not expect I will have such long periods when every book makes me annoyed.
Next year I won’t challenge myself to any amount of books. But I still want to read some. If this block of mine passes finally. I hope it won’t take 8 years, like it did the last time.

exo – overdose album photos

exo overdose album


hey, hi, im alive ^ ^’ i climbed out from the cave i was living in because of the exam. woah. hello world, hello sunshine.

so .. i have things to tell about the exam. but i will get to it when i receive the critiques. i dont feel i was any good though. i feel the better i am the worse my exams and works are.  … and the less i care about it too : ) i have finished the year mostly with top grades, but on the exam when i was showing my portfolio i felt all of them empty. … BUT. but. i had my exam work, i was working on that work for more than a week, 0-24, i really did my best. … almost. i mean i could have … given more. but this is the most any of my creative work have received from me so far. and it received many praises on the exam too, from the committee. later from people who have seen and hold it too. and i like it too. today i have already taken some photos of it, tomorrow hopefully i will finish photography it in, and i can share it with you : )
… i said i wont say anything about the exam > <

so, the album has arrived. right in time, i could hold it right after my exam, and its like my present for the exam. i was absolutely totally exhausted in the last 2-3 weeks, and when all of it was finished, the moment i was over it .. well, the moment i was over it i went to cut my hair ^ ^’ but then after it i could hold the album and that was like a present for doing great during that time. it was nice. such a great timing. .. as usually.

the album looks great. i like the labyrinth concept.. im not saying im head over heels with it, but its.. okay. i can get it. its not that bad : D it looks better in real though. as a concept and its elements. the way it comes back on the album, the way it comes back on the cover, on the back of the card, on the back of the book. now i like it more, as a concept, as a whole thing. i especially like the book, because its pretty much my style : ) all white, clean, transparent, there and in the same time isnt, perfect. i also like the disc, because.. thats also pretty much my style with its “you have to want to read the typo to read it, and who dont want to read wont be bothered by it”. this is something i have been “attacked” over on my exam actually. anything bigger than 8px is like a slap on the face for me, i hate it, 8px is the maximum i like to use, usually below that, 6-7px, which means anyone who has worse eye sight than me cant see, and i totally dont care. im glad the designer for their album has the same opinion about it : D
i also noticed a path drawn in the maze, which was a surprise for me, i didnt know about its existence. its also outlining a form, i cant really connect it to anything, probably this is one of those rare things that maybe doesnt have any meaning. what bothers me though (not to the extent to actually look it up somewhere on the internet > < ) are those codes on the album. 2A70, 35AN, etc. … what-the-hell-are-these? .. there are 6 of them, probably the members then, but im looking at it, and im starting to get angry because im sure its something so simple, and i just cant—…
the poster is already on my wall : P


table review for fun


full view

my table review for fun~

ehm, i didnt really share anything lately, especially during the holiday… i didnt really have a good mood, and i was sick as well, probably they are connected.

so im sharing this .. which i made instead of working ..

and this, which i took yesterday because i liked my nails~

Photo on 12-28-12 at 8.16 PM copy