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We are experiencing another cold blast these days. I have mentioned that this kind of weather puts me into festive mood, so we (our office and friends) decided to actually have a Christmas party. A mid-year christmas party. With christmas tree, cracking fire, mulled wine, secret santa, fireworks, all the proper way. It was actually really much fun. Probably because I love Christmas, you can’t go wrong with it. And probably because I missed the last Christmas, so I had a long waiting. It went really well with the cold grey weather outside. A couple of months and I’m going to have another Christmas party.

Mid-Year Christmas Party

Two days after the party I was down with cold though. Or flu. Not sure, I never know which is which really. It was quite strong and went through the office, infected most of us. I had a blocked nose too. I’m sure we can all agree that blocked nose is like the 3rd worst condition. First is ear pain, second is toothache.
I wanted to buy a nose spray, but only pharmacies sell it (I don’t really understand why is this counted as a really special product here), and pharmacies are open exactly in the time period when everyone is at work (I’m also confused about who are they open for then).
Anyway, I looked for alternative ways, and there are a few. You could put boiled egg to the sides of your nose, and above it (the spots you would lamp.. when you have that lamp). Or stuff cut garlic inside of your nose (this is stupid, and probably hurts). Or sit under camomille steam. I chose the last one. It worked actually, and my skin looked quite amazing after these days too.

I took a sick leave too afterwards, because my fever went up, and I worked through one day like that, but the next I refused to. With this fever after work I went to the grocery store to buy that hot drink against cold (which I love, I wish it would be like an everyday proper drink… like instead of the daily C Vitamin maybe, because I hate that and have to chew on it every day), and something to push down fever. I started walking back home, I felt suddenly motivated about me walking 3 km-s back home in the evening, in this damn cold weather .. after 5 mins of walking I was like no, let’s call a taxi. So I did. And then waited 20 mins, waiting in the freezing cold for it to arrive, I could have walked if I known. I already called him where the hell is he, I’m in the centre of the town! And he said “the other driver said he can’t find his car keys, so I’m alone now”. …I live in a town where we have one taxi driver. Sometimes two, when he finds his keys. 😂
This episode was probably the last blow to my sickness, I really went down after this.
But the camomille steam was nice, maybe I should keep doing that.

to clear a stuffy nose

Yesterday I decided to try the #stylechallenge on Instagram. It was actually quite much fun, I like a lot of illustrators, but I never actually studied their style, but now I had the chance in order to convert it onto the chosen character.
I tried to pick ilustrators who look really different from each other, to have more diversity. Also picked those whose style is not just a style, but it’s in the elements themselves. Let me explain .. so it’s not a realistic drawing with added effect, and that effect makes the style. But it’s either character style (So Youn), or an added element (Hirano).
So Youn even commented on it, so I was fangirling here a little. 😍


And on Saturday we had snow.
I have lived in places where we had season in different order, or hot winter, or saw snow in summer when passing at high mountains. But this is still my first August snowing. Wow.
It looked quite surreal with the palms.



first snow

first snow this winter
couple of days late but not any less loved. i honestly didn’t think we will see snow this winter after all these weather during the year, i didn’t believe when my sis came running to me with snow in her hands after she got home from the theater yesterday eve.
she watched the nutcracker ballet. classic.


first snow is so not getting any less exciting after all these years, i was still jumping in happiness : D everyone welcomed it in a different way. my sis went out and spends the entire day in the garden, my dad went and turned on the jacuzzi in the garden and was sitting there with my brother under the falling snow, i was taking photos of it and record on a video for future use. from my window. i did look at it thinking to go out after all, but laziness and comfort won. i decided if it stays or even gets more till tomorrow i will go out to the forest and take photos. i doubt it will stay though, it looks weak.



Baekhyun present

Baekhyun present by Gaborovna
Baekhyun present, a photo by Gaborovna on Flickr.

a sketch i made for a girl (maggie > ayaffect) on tumblr, i was her secret santa : )


01.19 self-portrait


was filming a little something today .. i might show when its done.. depends on how it turns out ^^” but its originally for a .. whatever, you will see, when its done, but mainly its like a portrait little film.

part of it i recorded outside.. and wanted to make a self-portrait photo as well : D .. i was outside for long, it was reaaally cold dressed like this, i took several vitamins and was drinking hot tea with honey and cognac, while wearing my brother’s knitted big sweater to warm myself up, and do what i can against catching cold. it would be really not the good time for getting sick.

.. the middle photo from the trio isnt a photo, its a snapshot from the vid, just a little scene from it.



… : D




january, snowing heavily.. see my mum up there? she left home in the morning, then when she was coming home at lunch, she run into another car on the road … then she arrived home jumping happily that such a beautiful snowing! what kind of mood one has after a traffic accident, look at her… : D

when i called her and she said she is coming home later because of the accident.. i made muffins so bring her mood up when she arrives home. me – naive person – thought she will be down or something. but the muffins are delicious, they are with mandarins, and in snowflake pattern papers!




january is in my window … at 3 am.

yesterday was snowing really beautifully, those big kind of snowflakes falling thick and calmly, i could sit and watch them forever. .. i didnt though. but i took a photo of the view after it stopped. so nice and bright night.


ah, last time i posted, i have receive a notification from wordpress that its been a year since i joined. how nice~ : )